Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clinique's Attracted to Colour makeup workshop

Since I had registered with Clinique's website in January in order to receive a free deluxe sample kit of their famed 3 Step system, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from them earlier this month promoting their new Attracted to Colour workshop.

The Attracted to Colour workshop runs from 14 to 27 April 2008 at selected Clinique counters in the Klang Valley. What you get from it is a basic makeup session with their consultants who will teach you how to apply makeup, especially in those areas that you face difficulty in. And while stocks last, they will also give you a sample of their newest blush and a travel size makeup remover.

Being the compulsive bargain hunter that I am, I made an appointment for the first day of the workshop itself. I went to the Clinique counter in Isetan, KLCC during my lunch hour. The makeup session was alright, but I did feel that the consultant I got was a bit junior. And she was more interested in giving me her style of makeup, even though I did specify that I preferred to learn a natural look, especially for my eyes. Uh, I don't think the amount of eyeliner and mascara used would be a natural look, but I do have to say that I liked the way it made my eyes look very big (perfect for an evening look but not for work). Unfortunately it was rather startling, so definitely not a natural look like what I had in mind, but perhaps that was natural to her.

This is the freebies that I got - the sample blush and travel sized makeup remover. I haven't tried the blush yet, but I've been using the makeup remover and I like it very much (product review will be in another post).

If you are thinking of trying out this workshop, please ensure that you make an appointment in advance as the consultants are quite high-handed (on the verge of being rude) to walk-in customers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SKII is giving out free samples of their Aqua Physics range

Thanks to my ex-colleague for giving me the heads up on this...

Apparently, SKII is giving away samples (while stocks last) of their Aqua Physics range. Go to and register your details - you'll then receive an SMS that is valid for 10 days to redeem a sample of Aqua Physics from any SKII counter.

I've never tried SKII before due to it being out of my price reach, so you bet I'll jump at this opportunity! Updates on the product to follow...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why I'm happy to be a Maxis customer

When I owned my first mobile phone, I started off with that other service provider - Celcom. (You know, their latest promotional gimmick is "A Great Sale". I don't understand the concept of a telephone service provider having a sale. It's like, what's there to have sales about?) Coverage was so-so but the bills were really costly every month for a single user.

That's when the family decided to consolidate all lines under a single service provider. Not only would it be cheaper, it would also be logistically easier - Dad was on Maxis, Mom was on DiGi and I was on Celcom. We also liked the idea of "free" calls between family lines la.

Since my mobile phone got stolen recently, I had to go and get myself a replacement SIM card. Since the line was registered under Dad, I couldn't do it on my own but needed to have a letter of authorization plus a copy of his NRIC. Armed with the necessary documents, I went to the Maxis Centre in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI). Why TTDI when I don't stay in the area? I was already there mah. *wink*

Firstly I was stunned at the number of people there at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. It was like our gah-men office... that many people and some small overflow outside as people went in and people left. I mentally prepared myself for a long wait and stepped inside. Did ya know that Maxis has these nice customer service people to open the doors for you and greet you? Well, now you do. And it was a nice feeling, I tell ya. It could've been a bit better if they actually directed n00bs like me to the right counter, but can't blame them for that.

Stopped by the customer service counter and explained to the staff there that I wanted to get a replacement SIM card. He gave me a number - there were three in line ahead of me. Hardly had I put down my laptop, took out my camera and snapped this quick pic (that's like only 1/5 of the people milling around), they called my number! Within the space of 2 minutes! I was impressed. Of course, it also helps that they had like 10 counters open at the same time, helping to move the people along quickly, like factory processing.

Went to my assigned counter, produced my documents to the lady there. She only asked for my NRIC to verify that I was the sub-line owner specified in my dad's letter of authorization, click here click there then she gave me my new replacement SIM card, telling me that it would be activated in 2 hours time. So efficient and fast!

Earlier before I went to the Maxis Centre, I had called the Maxis Hotline to verify the type of documents I needed to ask for the replacement SIM card, and the customer service personnel there had mentioned a replacement fee of RM25 for the SIM card. So when I got the new SIM card, I asked the lady if I needed to pay for it. Her reply:

"No need to pay one. We normally issue replacement SIM card for free."

You say nice or not? :o) I was very happy to hear that and even happier that the whole trip to Maxis Centre took me less than 10 minutes total in and out. So, I'm very happy to remain as a Maxis customer!