Friday, August 31, 2007

Want to try mineral makeup for (almost) free?

As a female, I simply cannot resist shopping. For anything. And even though I don't wear makeup on a daily basis (due to highly sensitive skin), I still devour beauty magazines and blogs for the latest tips and reviews on that next product that will make me, well, more beautiful! And when you throw in the words FREE SAMPLE... well, I'm your customer. Heh.

Some random blog-hopping from
Paris Beaverbanks' All About Shopping! site led me to Viva Woman and to this entry titled: Free samples from Everyday Minerals. Yup, that got me hook, line and sinker.

Everyday Minerals really wants to get you to try out their product and since not everyone is interested in buying a full size product before they're really, really sure they like it, the folks there have come up with a free sample kit for you to try out a range of their stuff. Called their Free Sample Makeup Kit, you get small sample sizes (good for 3 - 6 applications) of 3 foundations, 1 blush & face color and 1 concealer. It's completely free, only you have to pay the international shipping cost of USD5.05. (Which for me is like writing one sponsored post. This is definitely NOT a sponsored post, okay?) In Malaysian Ringgit that works out to about MYR17.17 based on an exchange rate of 3.4.

I'm pretty keen to test run mineral makeup since it's supposed to be all natural and won't clog pores so I selected my colors, paid for the shipping cost and am now waiting for my samples to arrive!

p.s. You may also find
Paris Beaverbanks' review on mineral makeup to be rather enlightening. *grin*


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You have probably found that the mineral makeup is a lot more user friendly on your sensitive skin too. That is one of the good things about mineral makeup.

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