Friday, September 21, 2007

Nokia N80 Internet edition phone review - Part Three

This is Part Three (the final part) of my Nokia N80 review. You can see Part One and Two here.

Games, office and surfing

I haven't really explored the games on my phone to date but it did come bundled with the Spanish version of the Sims for mobile phones. Pity that it was only a demo version, so the game automatically ends after a few minutes. Not that I minded much anyway, because there wasn't anything to do with the Sim except make it go to the loo a lot. LOL!

There are a number of office applications bundled with the phone like notes, Adobe reader, calculator and others but I seldom use them too. So, any office users out there who want to comment?

Ahhh... we come to my favorite part of the review. Surfing the Internet! Woot! No as I've mentioned previously, the whole reason why I wanted this phone was because of its Wifi capability. I specifically got the N80 internet edition because I had read that they had bundled a mobile browser that was specially optimized for surfing. And let me tell you... it rawks! Even my Dad commented that surfing on my phone was far better than surfing using his PDAs - the O2 and the Dopod 818 Pro. Scrolling thru a webpage is a breeze with the mini-map application that lets you jump to wherever you want to go. Surfing speeds are also significantly faster when we are testing out the phone vs. PDA at the same wireless spot. But... there is one drawback to the N80 - the range of wireless reception is not as sensitive at the PDA phones. I have to be nearer the Wifi spot to be able to detect and connect, and in a place with overlapping multiple access points, the N80 detected fewer access points compared to the Dopod 818 Pro.

Overall, a good phone for those who will make use of its features (especially the wifi!). If you're looking for a normal phone or a really good camera / video phone, I'd suggest you look at other brands / models.

What I like about it:
Wifi capability, Internet browser optimized for surfing, 3 megapixel camera with inbuilt flash and dual shooting modes

What I don't like about it: Battery runs out rapidly, seems a little sluggish in response, erratic wifi pick-up signal, no autolock feature, bulky


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