Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bamboo as clothing

I was surfing the Net and happened upon this very interesting concept of bamboo as clothing! Who would imagine that bamboo could be turned into wearable and comfortable clothing? The fibre cloth made from bamboo is all natural, breathable and has outstanding anti-bacterial and moisture wicking qualities but yet is soft enough for babies. It's interesting to read how the clothing is made, and I like the fact that bamboo clothing may be the most environmentally friendly and "green" clothing choice around.

I am thinking of getting myself a bamboo fibre t-shirt to try. But I'm more partial to the Bamboo Original camisole, which looks super trendy and comfortable. What say you?

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vero said...

If you want to have a look at clothing made from bamboo fiber, check out the guy's section in Jusco.
Byford mens' brief have a variant made from bamboo fiber and its been around for quite some time since last year. Haven't seen any other clothing made of bamboo fiber around in Malaysia other than this lol