Monday, May 12, 2008

Clinique's Lash Power Curling Mascara sample - free

I just received an email notification from Clinique Malaysia promoting their latest product - the Lash Power Curling Mascara.

It promises dramatic curl that will last for up to 24 hours without smudging, flaking or smearing but yet is easily removable with warm water.

I must say, I'm intrigued enough to want to check it out!

Oh, by the by, if you go to this site and leave your details, you could possibly redeem a free travel-size sample of Lash Power Curling Mascara while stocks last. I just got the email like half an hour ago, so it should still be available. :o)

Go, ladies go!

Edit @ 18:33hrs - I just got my e-coupon in my email. I shall be off to get my free sample tomorrow afternoon!

Addendum on 13 May 2008 @ 13:00hrs - I have my sample mascara! Review to come soon here.


Tine said...

Eeeps, another freebie I'll miss :(

rinnah said...

tine: Awww... but you have all those factory outlets in Australia that I'll miss!

Blackjack Games said...

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