Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to shop smarter

When one is a fervent shopper like I am, you will most probably look for ways and means to get the best deal for your money. My favorite tricks are to shop only during sales times, compare prices a lot and use discount cards or coupons if I have them. Some of the best coupon discounts can be found whilst online shopping; compared to the few coupons you can find in the newspapers or leaflets circulated to houses.

Some of the online discount codes that I'm just hankering to use are from
Classic Closeouts. With top name designer fashions going at 85% off plus less $10 and free shipping, what's not to love? It doesn't matter to me that the fashions may be at the season's tailend or perhaps one season later. I go for classic stuff that doesn't follow the seasons (it's not very practical to do so in tropical Malaysia).

Plus I like this coupon code from
Benefit Cosmetics that promises 2 free gifts with every purchase. I love free stuff even more than discounts. *grin* I suppose I'll eventually get around to getting their Georgia or Dandelion powders after reading good reviews about them.

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