Thursday, November 15, 2007

Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer

Yes, after so long, I finally got down to checking out my mineral makeup purchase from Everyday Minerals. I was somewhat thwarted from initial plans to review it straightaway by a minor breakout on my cheeks, so I decided to err on the side of caution and wait until it had subsided before I tried out something new on my skin.


So far I've only test run one product - the
Multi-Tasking Concealer - and am glad to say that my experience is quite alright. As mineral makeup comes in loose powder form, I first had to get myself a proper tool. It so happened that I was at an Elianto cosmetics stall so I picked up their Foundation Brush (which I hope to review later on) as it seemed to be the right size for the teeny tiny Everyday Minerals pot. Getting the mineral powder onto the brush in the right amounts proved to be a little tricky at first as there is a secondary tray under the lid of the pot. I got around this by shaking it upside-down with the lid screwed on tight then sweeping the brush around the tray to pick up the mineral powder. Perhaps a little powderpuff would have worked better for me, but that's just my opinion.

The mineral powder is pretty fine and the foundation brush worked like a charm to pick it up and dust it onto my face. I'm not much of a makeup fan, preferring to go natural where possible and also keep the appearance of having applied any makeup at all to a bare minimum, so my routine was pretty simple. Dust on the Multi-Tasking Concealer where needed, apply a slight touch of blush to the cheeks, draw in my brows (a must for Asians, unfortunately) and a light touch of lipgloss and I'm good to go. The mineral powder went on quite well, and didn't show up as glaringly as my Maybelline loose powder used to do in the facial lines besides the nose and under the eyes. In fact, you could hardly tell that it was there. I still had a bit of redness and spots from the breakout and perhaps because it's a concealer (I've yet to try it in conjunction with the foundation powder), it did work quite well in minimizing the redness and covering up the spotty areas. But I do qualify my statement by saying that it wasn't a really bad breakout, just bad enough to be visible without any concealment.

The color of the concealer seems to suit my skin tone well - I could hardly tell that I was wearing any make-up on. However it should be considered that I didn't really layer it on, just a light dusting all over and a little more on the red spot area on my cheek. So far so good and I'm going to try the other foundation colors next!


Giddy Tiger said...

Sounds like you got yourself a good product there :) I am looking for a good concealer myself too..

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: I'd recommend you to try it! Free sample mah, only pay USD5 for the shipping. Quite a good deal!